April at SubCulture: Recap

by Marc Kaplan - Comedy, Community, Entrepreneurial Events, News

April brought the first signs of true spring weather in NYC and fresh audience experiences to SubCulture, where our focus is always on producing unique experiences that resonate with our audience and the community around us.

This month, we’re sharing two stories. One comes from the world of production and the other from entrepreneurship, but both highlight how people can harness whatever their creative gifts might be to address a compelling social issue.

Here are those highlights from our April calendar:

We The Internet TV

We the Internet TV kicked off its road show, The Funny Thing About Hate Speech, to a packed house, melding humor with serious debate on the SubCulture stage. They also debuted their mini-documentary, 5 Reasons Why We Need Hate Speech, and hosted a panel discussion with the subjects of the film about the experience of being censored. If you’re reading from another city, check out the link above for other dates and locations on the tour.


Yahoo Breakouts showcased another incredible startup journey, hosting the e-commerce and social enterprise startup, Bombas, on stage. Co-founders Randy Goldberg and David Heath shared insights into their journey building their company selling socks on the internet while doing good along the way. Early on, the founders learned that socks were the most requested items at homeless shelters, and they started their business by donating a pair of socks to the homeless for every one they sold. As the business has grown, they’ve expanded their donations into all kinds of clothing, and they detailed lessons from their experiences with Melody Hahm in April’s edition of Breakouts.

Whatever your passion, we’ve got great programming ahead, so check out May’s calendar and grab a ticket. We’d love to see you here!


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