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IDRS Conference: New Music at SubCulture

Doors: 06:00 pm / Show: 06:30 pm

$20 general admission, $15 students and seniors 

Set I
Set II

Featuring World Premieres by the composers collective Circles and Lines (Noam Faingold, Dylan Glatthorn, Eric Lemmon, Angélica Negrón, and Conrad Winslow), and lots more!

Oboists: Robert Botti, Jacqueline Leclair, and Christa Robinson
Bassoonists: Brad Balliett, Gina Cuffari, Rebekah Heller, and Adrian Morejon
And: Doug Balliett, Martha Locker, Matt Sullivan, Paul McCandless

Set I (Doors open at 6:00, Concert at 6:30):
Sonatina by Ernst Krenek (Jacqueline Leclair – ob)
All This Talk of Saving Souls by Eric Lemmon  (Jacqueline Leclair – ob)
15 Minute Long Compositions for Rob Botti by Various (Robert Botti – ob)
Breaking the Surface by Noam Faingold (Robert Botti – ob, Martha Locker – piano)
Unearth by Dylan Glatthorn (Brad Balliett – bsn, Doug Balliett – bass, Martha Locker – pn)
Tone Riddles by Conrad Winslow (Rebekah Heller and Adrian Morejon – bsn)
Stereogram by Angélica Negrón (Robert Botti, Christa Robinson – ob, Gina Cuffari, Adrian Morejon – bsn)

Set II (Doors open at 8:00, Concert at 8:30):
¿?  by Edgar Guzman (Rebekah Heller, bsn)
All This Talk of Saving Souls by Eric Lemmon (Jackie, ob)
and also a fountain… by Marcos Balter (Rebekah, bsn)
Tone Riddles by Conrad Winslow (Rebekah and Adrian, bsn)
Three Caprices by Brad Balliett (Brad Balliett – bsn)
Eight Scottish Fanfares for Flute & Bassoon by Brad Balliett (Brad – bsn, Catherine Gregory -flute)
Unearth by Dylan Glatthorn (Brad Balliett-bsn, Doug Balliett, bass, Martha Locker-pn)
Breaking the Surface By Noam Faingold (Rob – ob, Martha Locker – piano)
Stereogram by Angélica Negrón (Rob, Christa – ob, Gina, Adrian – bsn)

Set III (Doors open at 10:30, Concert at 11:00):
Qualia II by Marcelo Toledo (Rebekah Heller – bsn)
Calling by Dai Fujikura (Rebekah Heller – bsn)
On speaking a hundred names by Nathan Davis (Rebekah Heller – bsn, Levy lorenzo – Electronics)
Three Caprices by Brad Balliett (Brad Balliett – Bassoon)
Press Release by David Lang ( Gina Cuffari – bsn)
New Work by Sunny Knable (Gina Cuffari – bsn, Sunny Knable – Accordion)
Oboe Improvisation (Matt Sullivan, Paul McCandless – ob)

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